How Soon Will I Get Clones?

You now have the chance to order clones in New York and have them shipped straight to your door. Our shipping is always discreet and fast. Our clones, due to the fact they are living plants, must be shipped with overnight delivery to ensure your clones arrive in pristine condition.

You can order your clones by clicking on any of the strains listed above in our clone section, choose your amount and order.

We are currently only accepting Venmo, Cash App and Zelle for our clone orders.

Do New York Dispensaries Sell Clones?

Although it’s very likely that dispensaries will sell marijuana clones in New York, it’s in their best interest that you buy their retail marijuana. If you want trustworthy cannabis clones, you would be better off getting them from a trusted, successful breeder like us.

It’s in our best interest that you grow fantastic plants so you keep coming back. We provide cannabis clones from expert growers with decades of experience perfecting the strains we carry.

Do I Have To Order A Consultation To Get Clones?

No, you can now buy your clones online without the hassle of picking them up at our nursery which is likely a few hours away from where you are.

Simply add the NY clones you want to your cart, check out to get an order number and total, then submit your payment via one of the accounts listed on the thank you page to complete your order. We will ship your clones out within 24 hours and give you a tracking number as soon as they’re sent.

What Areas Do You Ship Clones To?

We ship our New York marijuana clones direct to your door or the address of your choice. We offer discrete packages that typically arrive within 4-7 business days.

We now ship our clones to any city in New York. We decided that deliveries and pickups weren’t working well, so we decided to go 100% shipped so you don’t have to drive hours to get your clones.